Friday, August 18, 2006

The View From Here

The kids chill on the sundeck after a rooftop dinner.
The night view is fantastic, too.

Steve's and my room. It's Morrison Hall dorms at AU all over again.

The living/dining/kitchen area.

I really need to get some curtains on those windows.

Lovely, isn't it? That's what you see when you look out one of our windows. Although it's not what I would have chosen for a view, I know that we'll have to take the bad with the good. Fortunately Chloe hasn't tried to sound the words out yet...perhaps it will be a unique phonics lesson if this homeschooling thing works out.


Anonymous said...

It is Morrison! Don't let Katie catch you doing what she caught us doing...We almost (read never) got in trouble! Hee hee. Just make sure you get more closet space than Wolm. Have a wonerful day! Julie

fig said...

What a view! I think I would rather have the view from a lake in Canada, but what is amazing is God sees it all. Next week I will be in Canada at White Lake bear hunting and fishing. I promise you I will be praying not only for you but also my safety. (I am not that good a shot with my bow and arrow)That room looks just like Jude and my room at Ferris, way back when. PS. It looks like you need a picture of me on your refrigerator.

chelle said...

The apartment looks great Dana! You have made it a home. Well, except for the grafitti. I can't wait till next spring when you and I can stand on your roof and check out the view together!

Fig's daughter said...

He will be sending you a photo of himself for your fridge, believe me.

tami said...

I can't begin to tell you the scary pictures we've gotten from Fig. It's great to hear things are going well.