Monday, August 14, 2006

Never in a Rush

I think Steve and I are both feeling a bit antsy now that the apartment is set up and comfortable.

"Bring it on, let's start a church! Put us to work!
Change the city! Change the World!"

And while our enthusiasm is a virtue, our impatience is not.

We went to Emmanuel yesterday and were warmly welcomed. I think being there this next year will be a blessing to our family. Emmanuel celebrates communion each Sunday, and people go forward to receive it. Families go up as a whole, bringing their children with them. While the parents take communion, the pastor prays over the kids. It brought tears to my eyes to see Pastor Charlie kneel by Chloe and Jonathan, lay his hands on their heads, and ask for God's blessing and love to rain down on them. I was not crying because I believe that Pastors have some special privilege to bless my kids... No, it was more about the absolute acceptance and embrace that Emmanuel offerred to us, Chloe and Jonathan fully included.

During the worship service, the congregation shared a prayer that spoke powerfully to me and my impatience.

Wise Redeemer, you are never in a rush. You patiently fit every detail of our lives into a pattern whose aims are your glory and our good. We confess that we are impatient. We look for ready answers and solutions, and we doubt your wisdom and love when they do not come. We rush to fix things ourselves, often taking shortcuts around your commandments.

We are often content simply to be happy when your aim is to make us different.

We would rather be comfortable than forgiven and reconciled.

At the center of our impatience is cold-heartedness: we often would rather be left alone than find you. Forgive our folly. Change our hearts. Teach us to wait for you, Lord Jesus, just as you waited for your Father.

After church, we went to a Cuban diner with a couple who works for Intervarsity. It was edifying to talk with people who share the vision for the city, and they even offerred to watch the kids. Talk about edifying.


tina said...

So glad that you guys have made it and are starting to settle in. I love hearing the NYC stories--oh how they differ from the CRC mecca-

julie Foley said...

Hi Dana,

I'm so glad to hear you are settling in. I loved that prayer, it sure speaks to me. I know you guys will find so many people who will help you through this transition. I can't believe you are there and I hope you all continue to be open to possibility and all that God wants to give to you in your lives. Good luck and I miss you already!


Susan said...

You are such a blessing, Dana. Can you put your new information on your site somewhere? I can't find your address.

Ruth said...

Hi Dana,
This is Ruth, Michelle's mom - :) wishing you all the best in this venture. I really liked that prayer - ah yes, waiting on God. So good and so difficult. I will pray for you that God will give you the patience and direction you need - as you need it. I was so glad too, to hear of your excellent welcome at the church.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mz Dana:

So glad to hear things are going well and moving alone. Know you are missed each day here and dont you forget about me gurl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dana
I got your blog info from Mom and have enjoyed keeping up with your "adventure" Keep us all posted, ralph postma

Anonymous said...

Fabulous prayer. Thank you. I had to save it, print it, and have it by my desk.