Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nanny Watch

The kids and I have been spending much time at Riverside Park, a long, beautiful stretch of green that lies along the Hudson River. It reminds me of Riverside Park in GR, only not with the sometime sketchy reputation for nefarious activity. Riverside has playgrounds scattered every few blocks, each with a different theme (Hippo, Dinosaur, Wild West). The one nearest to us is Hippo, and on hot days water shoots from the hippos' mouths.

I'm careful to keep one eye on the kids while they're playing, but the park is not quite so amusing to me as it is to a 3 and 5 year old. Besides the occassional small talk with other adults, I play a sort of guessing game which involves deciphering whether the accompanying adults in the park are the child's mother or nanny. When the adult and child are a different race or ethnicity, the answer is usually fairly obvious. True also when the nanny has a pronounced accent and the child doesn't. But other times, the challenge is greater. If the woman is under 30 or over 50, chances are that she's a nanny (at the bank the other day, the teller said to Steve, "You're only 32 and already have a 5 year old? Wow, you started early!"). I've also noticed that the mothers tend to be dressed down more than the younger nannies, who are quite trendy and fantastic-looking for a playground. Other than that, it's hard to tell.


chelle said...

You are fantastic looking for a playground!

My kids saw this post and asked why chloe has her swimsuit on. Chase said he wants to goto a "real" park with water.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful answer to prayer to see huge smiles on your faces! To learn how warmly you have been embraced by the brothers and sisters at your new church brings tears of joy to me! Prayers continue for you all. Shalom, Suzan