Monday, August 28, 2006

Heads Up

Just a word of warning, so that when you come out to visit us, you won't be surprised.

Stuff occasionally drips on your head in New York City.
It's probably just condensation from an air conditioner or run-off from a rain shower, right?
Surely the pigeons aren't responsible.


chelle said...

are you speaking from personal experience? NYC sounds better every day! :)

Aunt Barb said...

You don't have to go to NYC for that--
I experienced that in Grand Rapids,on my way into the Amway Grand for a formal dinner!

Missing Bolt said...

Yes I have learned the art of blogging though I'm still a rookie. Forgive me for my lack of adventure. I've also been squleched on by a pigeon or two. Shoulder and thigh. They're a magnificent part of creation.

tina said...

Last summer, while I was eating something--didn't notice it until that certain something didn't taste like it did during the last bite--yummy!!

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how many people have been pooped on by pigeons! Those dirty birds lol
I was with a group of ladies at a coffeebreak convention leasurly swimming inthe hotel pool when a bird from about three stories up dropped a plop on my head. Everyone else thought it was really funny!
Uncle Ern was feeding the bird popcorn once at the visitor center by the Mackinaw bridge. Alissa was probablyy Cloe's age. They thought it was so cool how the birds would swoop down and almost take the popcorn out of their hand until......... aunt jan

Mom P. said...

You do have a talent for attracting those pigeon deposits, I can remember at least two times when you were younger, I think the first time you were in junior high or about that age and you went crazy when you realized what had happened. Maybe that was when you had that big perm.

chelle said...

Hi Missing Bolt!

See any triplet babies at work lately?

Dana, Sorry to use your blog for extraneous conversation, I just had to smile when I saw missing bolt.