Monday, August 07, 2006

Signing Off

We're packing up the computer today, which means this is going to be my last opportunity to blog for a while. I don't know how soon we're going to have internet access in NYC; the last tenant in our apartment is behind on his bills and we can't get service until I go to the cable company and show the lease, proving that I'm not just the same guy trying to open a new account under a different name.

I am melancholy today. Somehow, packing up all these last minute items is affecting me differently than even selling off 2/3's of our possessions did. The imminence of our move is forcing me to admit the underlying anxiety that I have--the anxiety that I was successfully able to ignore during the busy-ness of these past weeks. I am excited to begin the next leg of this journey, but I am leaving many people that I love and know and am secure in.

Please pray for our family during these next few days and weeks. Tomorrow, Steve has his ordination exam with the local church classis; it's A Big Deal. Immediately after that, he's hopping into the Uhaul and driving through the night with his brother. My guess is that the exam is going to take a lot out of him, so pray that he'll be awake and alert during the drive. Pray that when they arrive in the city that he'll easily be able to get the truck unloaded--he's concerned that the cars will be so closely parallel parked that they won't be able to get through from the street to the building. Chloe and Jonathan haven't been themselves lately; they're short-tempered and crabby. I don't blame them. How can a 5 and 3 year old process the magnanimity of this move? All they know is that most of their toys are gone and they won't be seeing their beloved grandparents and cousins much anymore. Pray for them as well.

Above all, please pray that we will draw closer to God during these hectic few days, that the details and logistics won't overwhelm us and distract us from our God, the One we love.

Thank you...


Triplet Mom said...

I'm praying for you today. Tomorrow may be a different story if I go into labor!

Sonny said...

Wow! I can't even imagine how overwhelming this all is for each member of your family!

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this major time of transition!

God has brought you this far - He will see you through!