Thursday, August 17, 2006

Education Station

When we were here in July, Chloe had interviewed at a school (see the archives for a replay of the interview), and we were told that kindergarten was full at the time. I talked to the admissions man this week, and now there is a good possibility of a place for her there. We won't know for another couple of weeks, but the school would like to get paperwork in place so that we aren't scrambling at the last minute. This means that I'll not order the homeschool supplies until after this school starts, just to make sure that I'm not stuck with a large and expensive curriculum while Chloe dances off to school. It's all very loosey-goosey, but I not bothered by it. I'm confident in my ability to pull things together at the last minute (professional procrastinator, that's me), and I'm confident in Chloe's ability to adjust.

In other news, I think (read, "hope, please, please let it be") that our DSL should be up and running today or tomorrow. That will let me start posting pictures, which tell the real story of this beautiful city.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that there may be an opening at the school for Chloe. This too, the Lord will make plain. Our prayers are with you. It is so good to read your updates. I hope your DSL is in today or tomorrow.
Love, Mom W.

Anonymous said...

You might not remember me, but I'm friends with your Aunt Anne, and went to Caledonia with your family. When I heard you were going to NYC, I knew you are going to have an amazing time there. I love NYC. In fact, I'm going there on August 25, and my friend, who lives in Queens, goes to Redeemer and enjoys Tim K.'s preaching. This is the "small world" of our home town, resurfacing in NYC. It sounds like you have discovered the real NYC already, and you will now try to convince all of your friends and family that it really isn't as bad as everyone thinks. Take care as you settle in and discover your new world.

Jan VW

Dana said...

Excellent, Jan. I do remember you. It's always good to hear from a West Michigander who knows and loves the Big Apple.

Now if you can just get Anne to visit with you next time you come...