Friday, August 11, 2006

It's a Fact

...9 out of 10 New Yorkers don't know where the local branch of the public library is.

It's true. I asked at least that many people where the library was, and the 10th person was the only one who could tell me. You see, without internet access or a phone book, it's near impossible to figure out where all the important things are (post office, DMV, those quite necessary places one needs to visit upon moving to a new city). I thought the library would be a big help--would give me internet access AND new videos and books for the kids. Alas, you need proof of address to get a library card and use the internet at the library. Ironic thing was, I needed the internet to figure out where to get my driver's license, which would give me proof of address. The Catch 22 of new New Yorkers, I guess.

The move went well, as well as could have been hoped, I think. Steve was wonderful at his ordination exam on Tuesday, and then an hour later he and Davey jumped in the Uhaul and put the pedal to the metal (which means a speedy 60 miles an hour, in this case). They arrived at the apartment at Wednesday around noon, and were met by a life-saving John (the CRC Home Missions man) and 4 helpers. The Uhaul was unloaded an hour later. The kids and I got to the apartment around 4:00 to find so many boxes that we could hardly move. What were we thinking, packing all that crap? Seriously. Anyway, after many hours of organization later, I think this place is starting to be livable. I'll try to get some pics up sooner than later.

We're thrilled to be here, really. It's still a bit surreal. The kids are doing well and are excited about exploring the neighborhood. We're taking their scooters to the park tonight after a delicious and nutritious meal of whatever random stuff I can find in the cupboard.

Please continue to pray that we will meet many people here...I love to think about how God has been preparing these things in advance, that there are people who are just waiting to share their story with us.


Stacey said...

Hi, I have randomly landed on your blog. Stop by mine and leave a comment to be entered into a sweepstakes I'm having. The prize is a piece of my artwork.

Michelle said...

So glad to hear that you arrived safely! We are praying for an awesome NY experience!! Can't wait to come see the city!

karyl said...

and so you now live in NYC, live there...what an amazing journey filled with courage and each other.
my prayers are with you.

i imagine each item finding it's new place and the sum of them all whispering, we're home.

glad to know that you are safely there and that the exploring has begun.

lots of love,


Susan said...

I am anxiously awaiting pictures and more entries. You are in my prayers!