Saturday, August 05, 2006

Never Try to Sit Down in a Bean Bag While Carrying a Bowl of Cereal

The moving sale was spectacular. At times I wished I could call for back-up cashiers, it was so busy. Steve and I started setting up around 6:30 am, and the last customer left around 6:00 pm. A long day, but Steve's mom had the kids, my mom, aunt, cousin, and some friends helped with the merchandise, and Steve was available for the big item car-loading issues. I'm glad it's done, and if I never do another moving/garage/yard sale, it will be too soon.

One of the side effects of my successful moving sale is that we're now left with no furniture. Most of the stuff we're going to use in NYC is packed, still in its Ikea boxes, or yet to be purchased. Which leaves us with the bean bags. My friend Holly got her hands on 2 bean bags for the kids to use in the apartment--versatile, mobile seating. Last night in an exhausted stupor, I poured myself a bowl of cereal with plenty of milk (I was still dehydrated from the day in the sun), and I strolled over to a bean bag, the one piece of furniture remaining in front of the TV. Turns out it's quite a drop from standing position to bean bag sitting position, and I sorely misjudged the whole thing. My cereal ended up all over my shorts, and I ended up on the floor rather than nestled in the bean bag. Word to the wise: if you're looking for a relaxing way to end a long and grueling day, don't sit down in a bean bag while carrying a bowl of cereal.

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Nikki Pacific said...

You goofball. I hope everything went well. I hope NYC is great. Keep us up-to-date. I want to know about your first nite in NYC.