Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Relatively Weird

There are multitudes of uniquely beautiful people in this city, which I relish. I greatly enjoy people-watching. One, because it's free entertainment, and two, because I'm nosy that way. Even on the (more) conservative Upper West Side, the show is fantastic. When our friend Matt visited the other day, he mentioned that he didn't see any two people alike on his trip from Penn Station to our doorstep. He's right, and I do love the diversity.

However, I've noticed that the phrases "Hmm. That's weird," or "Oh, that's strange," seem to be frequently flitting through my thoughts. My question is: Weird, relative to what? Relative to what I knew in West Michigan? Relative to my (narrow) notion of what a person should look like?

It occurred to me that there is a very good chance that I am indeed the weird one here.

Many people might think it weird that I'm a Christian, that I claim to know God and His grace.
I'm weird because I moved here to share with people that they can know God and His grace, too.
I tend to smile too much at people who don't always smile back.
I don't know what the heck I'm doing half the time I'm out and about.
I have a Midwestern accent (and yes, people have commented on it).
I don't know playground etiquette.
I don't leave for work at 8:00 in the morning, as do 95% of the people in my building.
I'm tall, and my husband is even taller (and yes, we do get stares).

People who know me could probably add to this list ad infinitum (please don't).

My point is, I need to stop writing off people as Weird so quickly. Because when I do that, the person stops being a complex, beautiful human being, loved by God... and they just become Weird. I don't look any further than that.

Don't I want people to look past my odd accent and my overeager grin?


Missing Bolt said...

I think it's so cool that you are able to look so insightly into yourself. We all need to do that a little more often. I think we are all wierd in our own little ways. Some are just willing to show their wierdness more. Sometimes I wish I could be a little more outwardly wierd instead of worrying what people were thinking about me. Has Chloe noticed any "wierdos" in NYC? We've been teaching Luke that God created us all beautiful and unique and he loves us all the same. I'm sure you have a whole new perspective on that now. Just wondering, what is proper NY playground etiquette?

Dana said...

Re: playground etiquette...
I'll let you know when I figure it out. It feels a bit clique-y right now, and I am not part of the cool group. Or any of the other groups, for that matter.