Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"God Dances Amidst the Ordinary"

That's a quote from Max Lucado, I think from The Applause of Heaven.

It's a good concept for me to consider, because I'm headed toward a bit of post-holiday letdown.

Our holiday was different than we expected, what with all the sickness. (The reverberations of that sickness are still being felt throughout West Michigan. I'll take responsibility for every case of the stomach flu in the past week; I'm sorry, all. I really am. If you "accidentally" swear at me whilst being sick, I'll understand.) Because of the sickness, I didn't get to spend nearly as much time as I had hoped with people that I love and miss. The time I did spend with my family and friends seems a bit hazy, due to the exhaustion.

So we're home now, and I'm glad to be back in the city. Glad to merge back into the energy here, glad to let the music of the city wash over me.

I'm not so glad to come back to the laundry that needs to be hauled to the basement. Or the groceries that need to be gotten. Or the bathroom that (seriously!) needs to be cleaned. The work project that needs to be completed. You know, the ordinary stuff.

My New Year's prayer will be that God shows me how to dance with him in the ordinary; to get past this crabby, mumbling trodding that I want to do. Because working through the ordinary is just as important as any grand, visionary work that we do here.

It's just not as much fun.

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