Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Strange But True

A few nights ago, Steve came to bed late after practicing his sermon. When he got there, he found me asleep and the comforter flipped over, bottom side up.

"Dana," he asked, "Why is the comforter flipped upside down?"

"Because you told me to," I mumbled, and fell back into unconsciousness (although it could be argued that I was never entirely out of unconsciousness in the first place).

I do have this vague recollection of a mighty struggle with the blankets, but no more than that.

I am a very participatory sleeper.


chelle said...

ride any bicycles lately??

Dana said...

I could compete in the Tour de France in my sleep.

Laurie said...

I once awoke to my 6'4" husband standing up in the middle of the bed. After gently pulling him back down, I just had to laugh. Good thing you two didn't end up together! ;)