Monday, January 08, 2007

To be Fair

Are you sick of me gushing about how much I love New York?

I do love it, you know.

But you and I both also know that no place in the world is nirvana. And today, in this gloomy weather, it seems quite apropos to share with you the things about this city that I don't like so much.

Just to be fair.

And to give me an excuse to make a bulleted list, which brightens my day every time.

Petty Things About the City that Bug Me

  • Dog poop on the sidewalks
  • The fact that I have to wait in 4 separate lines each time I go to the library (one to return kids books, one to check out kids books, one to return my books, and one to check out my books), and
  • At the end of my long library lines, an inevitably crabby library employee growls at me
  • The smell of the city on garbage days in the middle of summer
  • The local grocery store that is out of Diet Coke 9 times out of 10
  • The difficulty in getting from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side (no subways run across Central Park)
  • The prohibitive cost of Broadway tickets
  • The absence of Target
  • The mysterious puddle of murk that collects curbside at street corners
  • The fact that I can't find a bulk bag of mediocre apples. I can only buy big, beautiful, museum-worthy apples that cost $1.50 a piece; of which, my kids eat about half and then throw away

Had enough?
I have.

That wasn't nearly as satisfying as my previous bulleted lists, btw.

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Lorraine said...

It's good to be fair. (NY is still one of the most gushable cities on the planet, though. I totally get it).