Thursday, January 25, 2007

Core Values and Supplication

Steve and I have identified the core values we'd like to see in this church community. The descriptors are my words...we're still working out the official way to say these things.

Authentic Community— appreciating similarities and differences, recognizing each person's inherent worth in Christ

Experiencing Worship— vibrant and creative liturgy that combines the history of our faith with the relevance of today, preaching to the mind and heart

Living the Gospel—savoring the Gospel so thoroughly that it orients our thoughts, values, and actions in every aspect of our lives

Sharing the Gospel
—with humility and hope

Serving the City—recognizing the greatness of NYC, using our gifts to make the city an even better place for everyone


Also, we've got some hefty meetings in this next while-- meetings that will increase or decrease the ease with which this project moves forward.

Please remember them in your prayers.


Lorraine said...

"Savoring the Gospel"...I LOVE that line.

Laurie said...

I like that your blog is as random as mine. For example, cheese art, wrestling with the comforter, and faith all carefully blended together to make for one interesting read.

Dana said...

Thanks, Laurie.