Sunday, December 31, 2006

Malicious, Opportunistic, Clever Little Stowaway

Before hitting the road toward Michigan last Friday, the kids and I attended a great little birthday bash for one of Chloe's classmates. During the party, the birthday girl's mother leaned over and said, "Uh, oh. I'm not feeling very well. I don't know if I'm going to make it through the rest of the party." I expressed my sympathy and offered to help serve the grub.

I believe that was when It snuck aboard.

The 12 hour nighttime ride to Michigan was uneventful. We arrived on Saturday, making sure to hug and kiss all the people we love and miss. Saturday night was a Big Family Christmas Party, with extended family hugs and kisses and more food than I should have eaten in a week, much less in one night.

The stowaway made its presence known Saturday night, and I spent 3 hours huddled in a cold bathroom, regretting every over-indulgent bite I had taken that evening.

I spent most of Sunday (Christmas Eve) fighting It, while Steve and the kids headed over to his parents to open gifts. I joined them in the late afternoon, only to discover that It had crept over to courageous Chloe. Chloe opened her gifts with all bravery and perseverance, pausing between gifts to run to the bathroom or lie prone amidst the discarded wrapping paper.

It visited Jonathan on Christmas Day,
Steve on Friday (tho he refuses to admit it),
My nephew on Saturday.
And in a brilliant maneuver, hopped aboard my brother-in-law to travel the seas with him on his holiday cruise.

Clever, clever, little flu bug. You sure know how to get around, no matter how much Lysol we use.


Karyl said...

So sorry to hear that you and yours weren't feeling well. Are you safely home again?

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's eve.

Dana said...

Yes, we're safely back home, trying to recover from our vacation.

Michelle said...

It snuck it's way into Alli as we entered our New Year's Eve bash at the TeSlaa's last night. We literally opened the door, and Alli threw up, not sure Kevin was even inside yet. "Happy New Year all, nice to see you, we'll be going home now." Lovely thing it is. Glad you made it home safely.

jLow said...

Oh gosh - what a poopy (no pun intended, honest) way to spend the holidays.

Hopefully now that everyone is back to the regular schedule, nasty little stowaways will not find it so easy to travel!

Happy 2007!

fig said...

It seems no one likes the "bugs" except maybe me. I rather the cough and cold bug rather than the stomach flu. What make you miserable keeps me in business. Aren't pharmacists terrible?

Mom P. said...

I'm not sure you can take credit for that bug, it seems to have found it's way thru a whole bunch of families around here that you didn't have any contact with. I am really thankful I've taken my turn and it's not coming yet.

Lorraine said...

Blech. So sorry you were sick. Hope you are all sufficiently recovered now and ready for a very happy new year!