Tuesday, January 16, 2007

At a Loss for Words

I'm experiencing a bit of blogger's block today.
Hence, more photos that I took last week.

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MiniMe Mom said...

You live in such a cool place. I cannot get over the magnitude of people in such a small place (or the size of your apartment).

Lorraine said...

I puffy heart NY.

fig said...

Jude and I are taking care of
Chaser, Dewey, and the Girl this week while Chelle and Dan are taking it easy, so, not much time to blog. I never much wanted to go to New York. This way I can enjoy it through your pictures. Well, maybe if I am passing thru on my way to Hawaii I might stop in just to see you.

Dana said...

Don't know much about geography,

But I'm pretty sure that most airlines will fly around the world the other way to get to Hawaii. You may just have to make an intentional trip out here with Jude...take her to a show, buy her a knock off purse, you know, the works.