Monday, January 22, 2007

Left to His Own Devices

"Look, Mama! I used the cheese for stickers!"
"Wow, honey. That's so artistic. A bit gross, but still artistic."
The modern art scene is strong here. Perhaps there's a future for him?
Say Cheese.


Anonymous said...

Move over Jackson Pollack, there's a new artist in the making. There's much to be found in Pollack's paintings... dirt, glass, sand, ... maybe cheese is the next new thing.

Love the blog,

Lorraine said...

Brilliant child.

Sue said...

Want to play dutch bingo? I am a dutch mom, now living on the uws. I went to Roseland Christian Reformed Church in Chicago.

Dana said...

Hello Sue on the UWS,

I'm sorry to say that I'm not doing so well with the Roseland connection...I've got a friend from a CRC in Tinley Park...

But I've got many Dutch readers. Any takers on the Roseland Dutch Bingo?

chelle said...

mmmmmm....pasteurized cheese product.