Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My, But it's Cold.

It's 19 degrees with a windchill of 9 this morning. Usually it's Steve that takes Chloe to her bus stop, which is close to half a mile away. However, on Wednesdays he has an early morning Bible study, so Jonathan and I walk with her. Lucky us.

Here's a little bulleted list, Jeff Foxworthy Style.

You know it's cold in New York City when:

  • The dog pee on the sidewalks freezes in action.

That's all I have for you.

My brain is still thawing, and I have to go walk another 3/4 of a mile in an hour. Now, where did I put that long underwear...


Lorraine said...

Yep, that's cold. Bundle up and have some cocoa. Pronto.

Fig said...

You know it's cold in NY when the Statue of Liberty is wearing a snowmoble suit.
You know it's cold in NY when the people of NY can warm you with their smile.
You know it's cold in NY when Rudyard seems like an Hawaian island
Oh I got a million of them.

Dana said...

And they are all Jeff Fox"worthy", Fig.

Especially that second one.

MiniMe Mom said...

You know it's cold when the Rockettes are wearing pants?

I got nothing. I know, I know, lame. Sorry.

Dana said...

Not too shabby, Minime.