Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scenes from a Summer Saturday Afternoon

The weather being as delectable as it was, Harry Potter lovers certainly could not be expected to remain indoors while they poured over their books. (In truth, the only reason I did not have my copy with me in the park is because I was out-voted 3 to 1 by certain family members who requested my full attention. I'm happy to give it to them.)

Chloe nails the monkey bars. She's getting so tall that she needs to lift up those gams to keep her feet from scraping the ground.

Is it National Take Your Parrot for a Walk Day? No. This bird, Toby, has an owner who believes in a daily constitutional for him. Jonathan didn't want to get too close--something to do with a beak being within striking range of his ear.

Riverside Park was bursting with butterflies yesterday. Chloe was delighted when a dancing pair waltzed around her head and alighted for a brief moment.


Lorraine said...

Well, sure, she was delighted. But you caught the moment on film. How awesome is that?

Anne Marie said...

I completely ingored all family members for a full 36 hours while reading-the house is a mess and I don't think they noticed I was not paying attention to them.