Saturday, July 07, 2007

Goings On

All in a row

We're back in the city after a week's visit to West Michigan. Our time there was loaded with all sorts of Michigan summertime fun. Things like tubing behind the boat at Grandma and Grandpa's cottage, "riding" motorcycles with Uncle Jason, playing with cousins from 6 in the morning 'till 9 at night, and consuming vast amounts of pig roast delicacies at Grammy and Grampy's have left us satiated but perhaps a bit ragged around the edges.

Next Up:
Chloe is planning for Jonathan's 4th birthday tomorrow.
When Mom is too tired to help bake goodies for a party, what's a gal to do but bring on the markers and get the job done herself?


1 comment:

Anne Marie said...

14. $ for the big lamp, 10 for the small-
when do we get to celebrate the big boys' birthday!!!