Thursday, July 12, 2007

And Now We Wait

We applied for an apartment in the Battery Park City neighborhood of Manhattan on Tuesday.

It's a nice, fairly usual 2 BR. The kitchen is "homely " (the word my mother has always preferred to the harsh-sounding, straight-up "Ugly"), and the bathrooms have a commercial feel to them. The glory of the place is its living room, which is large enough for us to host small groups and have dinner parties and other marvelous sorts of entertaining (and, when you visit the city, there is room for you to throw down the Aerobed and sleep to your heart's content. Well, maybe not that long, as my kids will most likely wake you up by 6:30 so they can watch cartoons. The good news is that they'll share their Poptarts).

Like most places, this building requires the applicant's annual income to be 40x the monthly rent. Suffice it to say that our income is not...we're hoping that Steve's housing allowance combined with good references combined with the fact that the leasing agent and I hit it off famously will be enough. I have confidence that this is in God's hands; that if He wants us to live in this apartment, then it will work out. If it's not in His plan for us to live here, well then, we're better off living elsewhere anyway.

Then again, I'd really like to know where we're going to live.

The agent said it would be a few days; they run credit checks, verify bank statements, etc. Maybe we'll know by Friday? And then we'll move sometime in August.

May I ask that you keep this in your prayers?
I'll keep you posted.


Lorraine said...

It's on my prayer list. Dying is easy, waiting is hard. Hope you're all verified and approved very, very quickly.

Steve & Cari said...

We will be praying for your family. I went to NYC for the first time today(thought about you guys a lot) and I loved it, but then again I do not live there. I bet you guys had some major transitions with all the public transportation and the busy streets. Your church is on our hearts and we are excited to see what God does. We can see that He is taking care of you and will to the end.

Peace be with you sister!