Saturday, July 28, 2007

Maybe They're Taking Some Cues From Rabbits

I just finished pruning Steve's and my closet in preparation for the move.

5--no, 6! kitchen bags full of unused/ill-fitting/outdated clothing are going to the Salvation Army.

What is slightly puzzling is that I really have not bought much in the way of new clothes this year. And when we moved from MI last summer, I gave away at least half of my existing wardrobe. So where did these bags full of clothes come from?

Might they have been multiplying somewhere in the depths of my closet?

More likely the answer is this: Steve and I have become accustomed to wearing around 5 outfits a season, because the rest of our clothing is tucked away in a moderately inaccessible place in our apartment. Out of sight, out of mind. And now we're giving away those neglected sweaters and turtlenecks because we never wear them.

Note to self: Be more intentional with wardrobe next season. We are moving a few blocks away from the What Not to Wear studios, for pete's sake.


chelle said...

Rabbits...that's a good one, D.

Will you miss your little place on the Upper West Side?

Triplet Mom said...

Love that show! They always encourage less clothing, but more expensive quality. My closet is SO the opposite! HA!

Tina said...

Do you think you can nominate me for What Not To Wear while we are there in Oct.? That would be the best gift ever--and I would tell you "Thank You", to your face and MEAN it!!!

fig said...

Rememeber Dana, a wise man once said "Clothes do not a beautiful woman make, Long hair does" What an deep thought.

Lorraine said...

Ooh, say hi to Stacy and Clinton for me!

Karyl said...

What a great feeling...lightening your seems to come so much easier for you this time are an inspiration