Sunday, July 08, 2007

He's Ready for Team Mission Impossible

The voice of Jonathan filtered up from underneath the covers: Chloe! You can't come in here. That's because I'm hiding.

Chloe's half-interested reply from across the room: I could too come in there.

J: No you can't! You can't enter the secret code!

C: Well, what is the secret code?

J: Five.

C (still across the room): Ok. I just entered five.

J: No! It's a different secret code now! It's four!

C: Ok. Four.

J: No, Chloe! It's a secret code. It's seven.

The Code That Couldn't Be Cracked


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kj said...

yay for vacation &
yay for coming home!
are you guys up to some
'catan' action? the 20th or 21st
are prime for us.