Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why on earth...?

I just discovered a 15 inch long section of Chloe's hair in the wastebasket.

She cut it off and can't tell me why.

She now has bangs on the side of her head.

The rest of her hair remains, long enough that it reaches her lower back.

What are we going to do?


tina said...

I'm sure NYC would say its the new
"trendy" look. She just knows NYC fashion!!

tina said...

her and Josie should open a salon someday--hair and make-up!

Michelle said...

Got it for you.

Why does the girl have to have such a lame smile in the picture? Kind of a fun sight I found.

Michelle said...

Can I just start calling her Britney?

Dana said...

Are mullets the new trend? Becuase that was the only option I could figure.

Dana said...

No, you may not call her Britney, as she still has more hair than that poor, mixed up girl.

And also, that hairfinder website is cool! I'm doing that for myself!

Marc said...

Darn, someone else got to the Britney jokes first.

chelle said...

Oh, the humanity.

Laurie said...

Off the top of my hairy head - barrette, headband, or a cute Dorothy Hamill haircut? Good luck & hide the scissors!