Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Honest People, Google is a Gift, and Cannoli Condolences

Sunday afternoon I found myself in the middle of laundry with not a quarter in my possession. As I often do, I asked Chloe if I could buy some quarters from her piggy bank. She readily agreed; dollar bills are easier to count than quarters, anyway, she said. I reached into my purse to pull out my wallet. It wasn't there. I swished around the purse contents a bit...and my wallet wasn't there. I tipped my purse on end, pennies rolling to the far corners of the apartment. My wallet wasn't there!
I was horrified. I recalled reaching into my wallet to pay the taxi at church that morning, and I knew: Somehow, my wallet did not make it back into my purse and was currently sliding across the backseat of a yellow cab. It was gone.

I called the credit card company and the bank--no charges that day and new cards on the way. I called the taxi company and filed a half-hearted lost item report. I called the state and ordered a new license. I called myself a fool.

On Monday, I commiserated with Anne Marie. She listened and shared in the agony of my story, but then she did something really comforting. She bought me chocolate cannoli. Fresh from a bakery in Soho, filled to bursting with chocolate cream cheese and petite chocolate chips...
I sat at the table and tasted every bite, thinking that if there were a substitute for a lost wallet, chocolate cannoli may be it.

Five minutes after I finished the cannoli, Steve called. "Dana, a woman has your wallet. Her name is this, her number is that, and Get This: the pastor from Caledonia Christian Reformed Church called and gave me this information."

Now, Caledonia CRC is our home church in West Michigan, and it's a long, long way from any yellow taxi cabs.
Turns out, this lovely, honest woman found my wallet in her taxi on the way to church Sunday morning. She searched for our phone number, but we have no land line and are not listed. She Googled my name and found some minorly interesting but unhelpful information. She had the good sense to see Steve's name on our insurance card, Googled him, and found on Caledonia's site the information about his ordination this past fall. Worth a try, she thought, and gave them a ring. They, in turn, called Steve, and my wallet was back in my possession 2 hours later.

Thank you, God, for being a God of details.
Thank you, Wallet Woman, for being honest, persistent, and computer literate.
Thank you, Google and Caledonia CRC, for posting Steve's name.
And Thank you, Anne Marie, for a great cannoli.


tina said...

Totally weird how that all turned out. Glad you have it back--that just leaves a pit in your stomach when you do things like that!!

chelle said...

I heart happy endings.

Laurie said...

Let me just say ... I feel your pain. I set my purse down to zip the kids coats up and poof it was gone. (It was returned two days later.) I am glad your story has an happy ending too. Got to love Google!

Lorraine said...

That is a superfantastic story!!!!!!

fig said...

I believe someone in Caledonia deserves a chocolate cannoli! I have never had one, sounds soooo good. Detective Dave asks, wasn't your NY address in your wallet? Was that good person a christian? Do you loose you wallet often? Are you still blonde?

Dana said...

Yes, but she lives on the other side of the city and works during Post Office hours, so...a call worked best.

Yes. Her husband is a priest (not Catholic, that wouldn't work too well. Episcopal, maybe?).

No. I had my purse stolen once when I was in Fort Wayne, IN (crime city, that).

Yes, although not as blonde as I once was. I prefer to call my haircolor flattering colors such as "non-descript" or perhaps "dishwater"

Sonny said...

I was sitting in my office when the infamous call came in . . . I couldn't believe it!

She was truly persistant, because our church website is grossly outdated . . . and our phone number is missing a digit!

God is good!