Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The weather has been oh, so cold here this past week. The kind of cold that makes your whole body tense, makes you angry at the wind, makes you wish you had found your long underwear when you set out to look for it three weeks ago. We've been staying in a little more because of the cold...I've had some tantalizing books waiting for me at the library for a week, but it's a 12 block walk and I just can't get the gumption to do it. Maybe tomorrow.

We're getting a bit of cabin fever, I think. The great big gift of this city is shrinking down to the confines of
our teeny, tiny apartment.

We need to get out more. I realized this today when I became really quite disproportionately giddy over the fact that our super fixed the dryer in the laundry room so that it no longer cooks our clothes (ah, the smell of unburnt fabric softener). I also had to resist the urge to call everyone I know to tell them that the maintenance guys put weather stripping in the windows, and the Daft Draft is no more. Also, I've reminded Steve 3 times that Lost begins again tonight (yippee!).

It's off to the library, post haste!


Lorraine said...

Congratulations on the lack of Daft Draft. That's awesome. Hope the temperatures come up for you soon!

tina said...

how was the library today? Did you brave the cold?

Dana said...

Yes, we braved the elements and went to the library. It was cold, but I don't think we were quite as cold as you West Michiganders. Our windchill was 1 degree, yours was hovering below zero.

Is it any wonder that I've started clicking on all the cruise line adverts that have been popping up?

dapper dan said...


Dana said...

Lost did not disappoint.

What the Others were doing to that Carl guy was seriously disturbing;
I do not get that Julia character; and how on earth is Jack going to get himself away?

Dapper, we can talk Lost anytime.

fig said...

"Lost"? I am afraid I have not connected the that show yet. I watched part of it one time and I was indeed lost. I just don't get it. I like the idea that it is on an island but don't they ever go body surfing or fishing?

dapper dan said...

I think that the only way to watch Lost is to buy the whole season and watch it all at once. Then I don't have to sit there with my jaw on the floor at the end of each show wondering what in the world just happened and what can they possibly think of next! Just when I've got it figured out, (or think I do) they throw in last nights show and leave you speechless! You just can't make the last line "Charlie.....Your gonna die!" and expect me to just go to bed and not think or dream about it all night long!!