Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Rotten Week

There is a blob of pink sparkly Dora the Explorer toothpaste in our bathroom sink. It's been there for three days, and every time I wash my hands or brush my teeth, the presence of the toothpaste irks me. It's gross and garish and doesn't have any right to be there.

But I haven't cleaned it up.

I also haven't swept up the small piece of garlic breadstick that lurks under the table (which is an invitation to every roach within 3 blocks). Nor have I prepared meals or showered as regularly as I should have. The flu that we've all been battling has ushered in a mighty lethargy, and it has settled into the apartment like a lingering house guest. Honestly, we're all just exhausted.

And no wonder. In the past five days, we've:

  • been to the doctor 3 times

  • been to the pharmacy 5 times

  • been awake the majority of 4 nights

  • spent $100 on cold remedies and prescriptions

  • used up over 600 Kleenex

  • blew our budget on delivered food
  • watched way, way too much TV

Jonathan has this strange eye thing going on; he looks a bit like he was in the middle of a bar brawl. The doctor used an ink pen to outline the area so she could monitor the migration of the redness.

And Chloe, well, Chloe cut her hair. I'm convinced now that the act was brought on by temporary boredom-induced insanity. We tried to take her to the salon on Thursday so they could attempt to heal her hair, but something in the air made her cough incessantly. We left and tried again today. This is what we walked away with:

Side without Chloe-administered cut

Side with Chloe-administered cut

The stylist took off 8 inches of length from the back, hoping it will make it easier for the hacked off section of hair to catch up. It saddened me.

I'm looking forward to next week. I mean, I really can't wait. This week needs to hit the trail, and how.

P.S. A Jeopardy afterthought:
The answer: Chicken feet in the meat department and a man riding a unicycle.
The question: What are two things I saw on my trip to the grocery store today?


Laurie said...

Chloe still looks very cute. As my dad always says, "keep your chin up." (Yeah, sometimes I want to sucker punch him after he says that too.)

MiniMe Mom said...

Unicycle in the grocery store? Are the shriners in town?

Sorry for the rotten week.

Laura said...

Hang in there. This too shall pass.

Laura said...

Hang in there. This too shall pass.

Mom P. said...

I cried, sympathy and Chloe's hair tears.

Lorraine said...

Oh dear. I take one week off from checking on blogs and look what happens. So sorry you're all so ill/exhausted/lethargic with wonky hair and faucet noses. Hope that this week is going to be far less rotten. Spring is around the corner...

Anonymous said...

I love the new look! I think I like it better as a matter of fact! Good job.

Love Auntie Angela

Ava Ligh said...

I think my house guest is a relative of your house guest. Either that or your guest has moved on and is lingering in our house now.