Friday, February 09, 2007


Fashion Week
Fur Coats
Designer Bags, Designer Strollers, Designer Dogs
Apartment Envy
Gourmet Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries
Broadway shows
Barney's and Bloomingdale's

I've encountered a struggle with contentment in this city.

It's not as if I covet any certain's the More of the city that gets to me.
There are so many good things here; everything has the potential to be upgraded.

More choices than ever before, more expensive than ever before.
More unattainable.
More to say "No, thank you" to.

And the marketing machine is in full gear, on every building, bus, and billboard.

Yesterday, I found myself thinking that a fur coat wouldn't be half-bad.
It is not an exaggeration to say that particular desire had never, ever crossed my mind before yesterday.
But there are many fur coats wandering around this city, and they look so warm and soft and lovely that my own coat seems threadbare and boring.

I am an Israelite, grumbling in the wilderness, telling God that his daily provision of goodness just isn't good enough.

I know this, yet my eyes linger long on the upgrades.


Karyl said...

You are so honest...and your honesty is beautiful.

chelle said...

True story. Also here in the down home midwest I want what I have not got. Discontent is a wide spread. A conversation worth starting.

MiniMe Mom said...

When my grandmother passed, I was bestowed her real mink coat. It feels oh-so soft, but in fact it's rather itchy on my face. I choose my warm, dull coat 100% of the time. Plus, a great scarf and mittens just look silly with my mink coat.

I agree with Chelle. I am discontent with other things. Maybe I could sell the coat to attain. Kidding.

Lorraine said...

I wonder if discontent is more profound in the winter...