Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You know what I miss? Meijer Brand.

These past years while Steve has been in school, I have been a faithful purchaser of Meijer Brand products. I bought them out of necessity, out of respect for Dave Ramsey's principles, out of cheapskatedness (I know spell check isn't going to let that word through. Ah, well). It's safe to say that if I needed something and Meijer made it, the brand names weren't even an option. I fondly recall that sometimes Meijer would run sales on their brand, making a good deal spectacular.

Those were the days.

Store brands don't exist much around here. I get groceries about every other day, which means that I've been to the grocery store at least 2 dozen times since we've moved. And yet I still feel a prick of guilt every time I buy a brand name item. Rather ridiculous, that guilt.

Old habits die hard, you know?


chelle said...

I think Dave Ramsey will let it slide this time...enjoy all the brand name goodness :)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to be commended for trying all these years to be frugal. Seems like most people would rather go broke and/or rack up credit cards to purchase name brands because of a stigmatism with buying the store brands.

This posting you made shows a lot of your character, but also your blog site shows a lot of your character. You have personal values, care for your husband and family, and those that read your postings can see this as well. Keep up the good work in the city!

tina said...

From one generic queen to another, I feel for you. I would not do well with it either. It's sad when your kids dont even know Cheerios by Cheerios---it's Tasty O's to them!!

tami said...

When I grocery shop with Noah he no longer asks if he can have something he asks, "Is it on sale Mom?"

Dana said...

You have taught Noah well, Tami.