Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Good Day

Labor Day was a surprisingly beautiful day here. It had been predicted that Hurricane Ernesto would upset the weather for a while, but it turned out to be 75 and sunny with a nice breeze and no humidity--one of those perfect days. Steve and I decided to take the kids to the Victorian Gardens in Central Park. In the winter, this area of the park is the ice skating rink. But in the summer, they turn it into a quaint amusement park, perfect for kids Chloe and Jonathan's age. We expected the lines to be long, but we didn't wait for more than 15 minutes for any ride. Plus, Jonathan won a useless red plush soccer ball at a water pistol game, which was thrilling for about 30 minutes and has been forgotten since then.

After the Gardens, we joined some families from Redeemer at a beautiful little cafe in Riverside Park at 105th St., over-looking the Hudson River (That's 12 blocks from our apartment, a little over half a mile). A sandy play area was conveniently in line of sight, so Chloe and Jonathan and the other children played while the adults talked and ate. When we were there with those kind, hospitable people, I realized how much I needed to have some down-to-earth, belly-laugh, honest-answer conversations with people who know the city and love the city well.

It was a great ending to a good day.


tina said...

SOOO glad to hear that NYC is starting to "feel like home" for you guys, and that you are forming wonderful friendships.

tami said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the day to day struggles, and/or pleasures. I like being able to hear how everything is going.

Faye Postma said...

I finally found out how to add my enthusiasm to your colorful stories. What a gift. I still wonder how you manage in your little apartment. And what interesting adventures is STeve having so far? Interesting assignments? Has Chloe started school or are you IT?

chelle said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the day, D.
and I'm so glad you blog.

Missing you, we are going to have our first coffee sans Dana next week. Swing into a Starbucks and think of us in the 'ol suburbs, ok?

fig said...

Did you miss me? A Holiday is a day off from work, so no matter where you are or what the weather it is, it is always nice to be with family. Even though it is just you, Steve and the kids you are making memories. PS, I can't believe Chelle drinks coffee!

Dana said...

Fig, I did miss you and your numerous comments on multiple blogs...hope you had a good trip.

And no, Chelle does not usually drink coffee. She drinks many other lovely concoctions that pretend to be as good as coffee.