Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Few Things

We had our second small group meeting last night. An opera singer and a student from Juilliard (viola player, if you're wondering) joined us. I am so enjoying these nights...Do you know how long it's been since I've been in a bonified, dig-deep, draw-from-the-marrow Bible study? 4 years. 4 years! I've squeezed in a few light-weight studies here and there, but when Steve went back to sem and I started working more evenings and our calendar was scheduled down to the last second, there was no room for one more weekly activity. Now, because of the Redeemer Mom's Group I've joined and our Friday night small group, I'm in 2 great studies. Yum, as my friend Karyl would say.

Next weekend we'll be back in Michigan for Steve's ordination. The plan is to drive through the night so the kids will sleep during the 12 hour drive. We'll see about that. My guess is that the kids will be awake all night, and I will be the one fighting off sleep.

One more thing. An interesting story with some interesting lessons and analogies, which I'll let you draw.

Yesterday morning, Jonathan and I were walking home from the grocery store, my little pull-behind grannie cart overflowing with grocery goodness, when I passed a homeless man digging through the garbage at the curb. I had taken a few steps past him when the thought hit me, "How can you call yourself a follower of Christ and not acknowledge that man?" So I turned back, selected some food from the cart, and set it down carefully and quietly next to this man's personal belongings--a black garbage bag overflowing with what looked like more garbage. I didn't want to make a production out of it all, so I caught his eye, smiled, and started to walk away.

He didn't want the food.

"Ma'am! I don't want that! I'm not hungry right now. I'm sorry. I don't want that, Ma'am."

"You don't have to apologize. Are you sure?"

"Yes ma'am. I don't want that. Don't give it to me."

I picked up my food, put it back in the cart, and went home, thoughts swirling.

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fig said...

I am shocked. Why would the man not want the gift of food? Was he too proud? (he was digging thru garbage) He was not hungry? (shortly he would be)Did he not trust you. (Dana of all persons looks trustworthy. I am no preacher but I see many examples of how we treat God.