Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't Ask Me

I must be looking more comfortable and confident in the subways and the streets of the city, because people are starting to ask me for directions.

Or maybe I just look non-threatening, relative to some of the other characters around here.

Either way, it's a bad idea. I've never denied that I am directionally challenged. Every time I emerge from the subways the only way I can figure out where I'm going is to orient myself to Central Park.

Last week someone asked me how to get to West Broadway, and I told him that Broadway only runs north and south, so how could there be a West Broadway? Turns out there's an actual separate street called West Broadway, downtown somewhere that I've never been.

At first when people asked me directions, I would say, "I think it's that way," or something similarly vague, and then the poor lost souls would look at me and wonder, Well, do I take her word for it or not? Does she know her head from her tail?

So now, to relieve any indecision, I simply say, "I'm sorry, I don't know." Even if I think I do. Because I probably don't.


tami said...

I get confused when it comes to north, south, etc. Colorado was the only place that I knew what was what. If you headed toward the mountains you were always going west. Now, I am a lost cause. Just tell me left or right when giving me directions.

the big mouth said...

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear New Yorker,
happy birthday to you.

and many more.

Carol K said...

I guess we share more than one thing - I get lost in restaurants (coming back from a salad bar or the bathroom)! Have a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Dana. Which way is NYC anyway? Just kidding. Hope you have a great birthday!!


Michelle said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I was thinking of you today!