Sunday, September 10, 2006

And you thought this only happened in the movies

A good number of people have asked me if I have seen anyone famous yet. The answer to that is no...I just can't seem to make it to the hippest nightclubs on Saturday nights or the trendiest cafes for Sunday brunch. My only hope is to run into someone on the playground--Uma Thurman maybe, or perhaps Gwen Paltrow?

I have seen some interesting things in our short time here, though.
Here's a short list:

  • A Very Glamorous photo shoot in Central Park, complete with models dressed in next season's clothes and an additional 20 people fawning over each of them.
  • Rats in the subway. Big rats.
  • A nun, dressed in full habit, flying by on a bike with her robes billowing out behind her.

  • Project Runway's latest window at Macy's.

  • Someone destroying a "Vandalism is a crime" sign.

  • A man peeing in a garbage can while hundreds of people strode by.

  • Jockey representatives giving away underwear on the street corner (yes, I took a pair).

  • Let's not forget the Saw Lady, along with countless other street musicians. Just yesterday there was a full string quartet set up in Times Square's subway station.

And although I didn't actually see her, I did hear a woman in our building practicing opera the other day.


chelle said...

You mean you didn't see Boy George doing his community service on the streets of NYC? Too bad for you.

Anonymous said...

I expect to get an autographed picture of Sarah Jessica Parker for Christmas -- you better start looking hard.

Guess who??

tami said...

I use to see a star everytime we flew to and from Colorado. Billy Crystal, Fred Dreyer (from Hunter), Jerry Van Dyke (Luther from the show Coach, even got a picture of that one), and Rob valeted once for John Elway. Now the biggest star we see is the kid who has a show on the local channel and works at Meijers. Oh well!!! Keep looking.

chelle said...

Fred Dreyer was so hot. Seriously.

missing bolt said...

I cruised the seas with Kid Rock. You should've seen the girl-toy he took with him. She seemed to like eating breakfast mostly naked.

tina said...

Good thing Kid Rock now has a wholesome girl like Pamela Anderson.

fig said...

I would be most interested in seeing Ted Neugent, Johnny Benson, or of course Superman. Pretty shallow ain't I?

Nugent's Manager said...

Would Ted Nugent come within 100 miles of New York City?

I doubt it.