Sunday, May 06, 2007

When You Come Visit, We'll Have Fun, Too.

Chinatown on a sunny Saturday

It was a vacation for me as well when some old friends (they're not old--the friendship is) came to the city this weekend. It's great fun seeing the sites with

Julie, who agrees with me that life should have a soundtrack and will most likely be humming or singing an appropriate song for the occasion


Katie, who leads the way through Dim Sum menus with assurance and an easy-to-spot pink jacket


selfless Nikki, who shopped like a pro, but not for herself--for all the people she loves back home.


max's mom said...

new color lovely for spring

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOO wish I could have been there with you! Just like our back in the day G.R. mom's night out evenings ....but in New York City!!!!
Love to all you ladies,

Lorraine said...

How fun!

And btw, I tagged you the other day...

Michelle said...

I hope that will be me next spring!