Monday, May 14, 2007

That About Sums It Up

"This has to be the most eclectic bunch of people in history."
-Steve, in a conversation after observing a woman push her dog in a stroller.

I love this place.


chelle said...

I knew a lady at one of my former nursing home jobs that had to push her Lassie look-a-like dog in a stroller on account of the arthritis--the dog's--not hers.


Lorraine said...

New York City is truly one of the greatest places on earth.

Max's, Martha's, Molly's and Sam's 'Mother' said...

I don't know what yur all talkin' about-sounds perfectly normal to me.

Laurie said...

It's normal in good 'ole Grand Rapids, Michigan too. Our neighbor named Yoko (not the one formerly married to John Lennon) used to push her little dog in a stroller as she walked her other one. The sad thing is, she bought a really nice stroller at a garage sale and I said, "oh that will be great for your grandkids". To which she responded, "it's for my dog with the sore back". But of course.

Nikki said...

Nikki said,

Well, My neighbor walks her cat in a stroller. She said the cat needs fresh air too. I suppose it does.