Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Not Them; It's Me.

Last night I was feeling a bit,



A long week, a long day of work, and I was weary.

Steve and I were in the subway, on our way to catch a show of our friend Megan in Gotham City Improv. I glanced down the subway car and was confused by what I encountered.

What was this motley crew?
The people who were surely too young to look so worn,
The garish, painted red lips of the elderly woman with swollen ankles,
The angry stare of the young man sprawled over three seats, daring anyone to ask him to move,
The universal language of Cuss, the only words I could understand in the staccato speech of the Russian man standing in the aisle.

Where was my beautiful city?
The vibrant diversity, the inherent energy that I often feel among the crowds? Where was the model on her way to a photo shoot? The beatnik lost in his thoughts? The business woman in $400 shoes? The mother and children on their way home to the Bronx? The music of a dozen different languages?

It took me a moment to realize: It's not them; it's me,
my snarky self coloring the view of the people that swirled around me.

A moment more, and I was thanking God for seeing us
perfect and pure,
exactly as we should be

because of what Christ did for us.


Steve & Cari said...

Wow, those thoughts are so profound, true, and a great reminder of God's love. Thanks for that post Dana.

I am Michelle VanderHeide's sister-in-law. My husband and I are moving to Clifton NewJersey to pastor a church(Hope Reformed Church) Maybe we can connect someday. We will be 9 miles from Manhatten. It is encouraging to read your blog and see your persepective because we are about to plunge into that world as well.

God's peace sister,

Cari VanderHeide Wolters

chelle said...

can't wait to see the city--the good and the not so great--- and you in all your snarkiness.

one more week!!!!!!!

Sonny said...

It's so hard to be thankful when you're feeling snarky! But you show tremendous faith be being able to pull yourself out of snarkiness and into a mindset of thankfulness.

Thanks for the great reminder!

Isn't it great that God sees us through the eyes of his perfect son? If only we could see others the way He does . . .