Thursday, May 03, 2007

Excuses for Lack of New Posts of Any Substance

I've been busy and scattered lately, unable to collect my thoughts so that I might post them here. It's not been a bad busy, really. Good things are happening. And the weather has been beautiful, so we've been gone from the apartment (and the computer) more often.

And...(drum roll, please)...I've gotten a job. It's an administrative position at the kiddo's school and it's as close to ideal as a job can get. I'm starting on Monday, so we've been trying to work out childcare logistics. I think we've got it covered for now.

Last night, in the marriage group that we're leading, Steve and I discussed how God continues to provide for us here. Most often, He provides in ways that we hadn't anticipated or planned for. And most often, it becomes obvious quite quickly that His ways are more beneficial than our ways. It's a good thing God is in charge of this church plant. We remind ourselves of that regularly. Our prayer, since the beginning, since before Steve graduated from seminary, has been, "God, if you open the doors, we'll walk through them."

And we're still walking.


Marissa said...

A big congratulations Dana! Steve had told us about that job possibility, sounded perfect. God is good!

chelle said...

glad to be, in an even less figurative way, walking through the doors with you.

exciting stuff, D.

Lorraine said...

Congratulations, Dana! And the provision of God is an amazing thing. Oh, the stories I could tell. Here's a quick one. I was in college, term had just started and I'd priced my text books and was freaked because I didn't have enough in my account to buy them. That day I got a letter from my dad, with the EXACT amount of money I needed, not more and not a penny less. There was a note, that some parishioners had stuck the money under his office door with a note that it was for my school expenses. It wasn't even a family with whom we were particularly close but God had moved them.

I really love that story.

Benjamin said...

Congratulations on the job. Also, thanks for looking at my blog!


Anne Marie said...

think you have it covered?

fig said...

Dana, you and Walm are amazing me again and again. Every time I read your blog I think, could I have done that? Maybe with God's help. Way to go. Pharmacy Tech. is a good job too. Just keep it in mind. A couple of random thoughts: Black lettering on hunter green background is hard for old peoples eyes to read, Chelle I really like the word "figurative", Money is overrated unless you are spending it on grandkids.