Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Why New Yorkers Hurry So Much (my theory)

Levels of Hurry are directly related to reliance on public transportation. New Yorkers hurry because they just want to kick themselves when they arrive on the subway platform 2 seconds after the train doors close...because when they round the corner to see their bus pulling away, they know that walking just a bit faster would have done the trick...because when a person steps in front of them to catch the only empty taxi within 2 square miles, it is obvious that being quicker would have meant sitting in the taxi rather than standing in the rain.

The problem with this approach is that it is impossible to hurry enough...there is always public transportation to miss--it might just be the train or subway or taxi that comes before the train or subway or taxi you would have missed had you not hurried.

It's almost enough to make me want to amble whenever possible. Almost.
Maybe I'll walk just a bit faster than an amble, and I'll catch this next train...


fig said...

Look out Dana, here come Chelle and Dan. There will be no amble with them. Chelle can however "speed-talk". Good luck, have a good time and send them back quickly cause I am baby sitting.

Dana said...

A couple of hours and Dan and Michelle take NYC by storm.
Fig, I'll do my best to get them home as scheduled; it's just a matter of dragging Danno away from all those Broadway shows.

Braaaaaaaad said...

Poor Dan, poor, poor Dan.

I feel for you buddy!

gina said...

I think ambling is the best! I wonder - do they hurry in London and Paris like they do in NYC? Is it just we Americans who feel compelled to "win" the fight to be first? We are such a competitive lot.