Thursday, December 07, 2006

Small Things I've Learned Since the Move

  • Over the door shoe organizers are useful for so much more than shoes.
  • It is possible to OD on Starbucks coffee. In fact,
  • I like Dunkin' Donuts coffee more than I do Starbucks. And it's cheaper.
  • You can't overestimate the value of a comfortable, durable pair of shoes.
  • Taking the bus doesn't necessarily save time; it only saves foot wear and tear. But alas,
  • Jonathan gets bus sick quite easily.
  • It's nigh impossible to catch a taxi at 92nd and Broadway at 9:00 am on a weekday.
  • I really, really like a Vietnamese dish called Bun Xao.
  • Any restaurant worth its weight will have the menu items numbered (to help overcome language barriers when ordering for takeout or delivery).
  • Bun Xao is number 78 on the menu at Saigon Grill.
  • I have a thing for bulleted lists on my blog.
  • It is wise to walk around lone wet spots on the sidewalk. Chances are it's dog pee.
  • I have accent envy. European accents in particular. Midwestern accents don't count.
  • Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong is worth a listen. (Nothing to do with NYC, but still.)
  • Our family membership to the Museum of Natural History was a great investment.
  • It takes about one minute to walk one north/south block. If walking with Jonathan, triple or quadruple that.
  • Keeping my feet shoulder width apart while riding the subway decreases the risk of falling into the person standing next to me.
  • My laundry budget is woefully insufficient. Speaking of laundry,
  • If I forget my laundry in the washer or dryer, I can expect to find my clothing (yes, unmentionables, too) scattered across the laundry room table for all to see.
  • Our doorman has an extra key to our apartment, especially handy when I close the door and then realize I don't have my purse.
  • I do love those bulleted lists.


chelle said...

I may have, in fact, contributed to your Starbucks OD. :)

Dana said...

Perhaps. With your gift I felt free to order two Venti coffees in one day, leading to a certain manic afternoon.

Carol K. said...

Bun Xao! Sounds mysterious. Do you know what's in "Bun Xao"????

chelle said...

I could use a manic afternoon :)

tamiwonder said...

I can't believe you like Dunkin Doughnuts coffee better, I am going to have to disagree with you.

Your blog just makes me want to visit New York all the more. Rob is sick of me telling him some day he has to take me.

Dana said...

Bun Xao is a mysterious noodly deliciousness that has eggs and...well, I'll just give you the menu description: "Stir-fried soft rice noodles with shredded vegetables, egg, and crushed peanut served with Nuoc Cham sauce on the side (Choice of shrimp, chicken, beef, or vegetarian)"
Now just don't ask me what Nuoc Cham sauce is. I just know that NC sauce is what makes it good.

Lorraine said...

Those are not insignificant bulleted things.