Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Daftly Drafty

One thing that attracted me to our apartment were the soaring windows that occupy an entire wall. Neglecting to consider that our apartment was located on the first floor of a 9 story building and surrounded by numerous other buildings, I actually thought those windows would bring in more light.

And what exactly do those windows bring in?

Not so much.

The windows usher in a brazen and malicious draft that chills the leather of the nearby sofa and encourages the curtains to dance and whisper.
A draft so antisocial it will chase away anyone ignorant or brave enough to sit within 10 feet of the windows.

A draft that relieves any potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

To counter the draft, I've taken to wandering around the apartment in a fleece blanket, wrapped thrice around in a muumuu/sarong/sari style. The blanket is a fire and electrocution hazard, it carries so much static. When I'm cocooned in my blanket the kids fear to come near me, lest the static reach out an aggressive finger and deliver one wallup of a shock. One night I spent some amount of time watching it crackle in the dark, my own miniature fireworks show.

But it keeps out the draft.

The lesser of two evils.

Have yourself a muumuu little Christmas.


chelle said...

super nice muu-muu. I'll bet Steve still wears his white T-shirt no matter how drafty.

Dana said...

With black socks and khaki pants.

He and the draft have a solid relationship.

lorraine said...

That is just charming. Talk turning your lemons into something yummy. Reminds me a bit of the winter I passed in an uninsulated apartment without any heat. Geez, I might have to write about that...

fig said...

Dana, you look fabulous! The hunting season is about over here in Mich. so I can send you my blaze orange bib overhalls. I do however want to try the fireworks thing. What is your wrap made of?

Dana said...

Thank you Fig.
The overalls have that certain panache that I try to achieve with all my clothing, overalls and muumuus included.

The blanket label says 100% au naturale polyester, but I think they must have left out the flint that is also obviously part of the weave.

Michelle said...

Wow! That's hot!

jenny davis said...

that's the best laugh i've had in a long time...too bad it's because we have our own draft issues and feel your pain.