Monday, October 09, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

We were in Michigan ever so briefly this weekend for Steve's ordination and installation. We rented a car, drove through the night on Thursday, spent some beautiful fall hours with our families, were honored and humbled by a beautiful ceremony on Sunday, and arrived back in the city this morning at 6:15.



And exhausted.

The ordination and installation were moving. The gravity of Steve's vows settled in on both of us, but it was accompanied by a thrilling awareness that we were supported by both the Spirit and the community of believers. At one point, Steve knelt at the front of the sanctuary, and the elders and pastors gathered around him to lay on hands. Steve disappeared from sight, enveloped by people of faith who affirmed and upheld him. It was a fitting picture...a vision of Christian community.

So the whirlwind was welcome. But it's good to be home again.

One more thing. It surprised me how the fall colors in West Michigan were on full display. The trees here have just begun to turn.

My parent's backyard, this weekend

Riverside Park, today


chelle said...

it is good thing to hear you say that upon arriving in NYC you were "home"

So glad we were able participate in the whirlwind.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

We too were happy to be a part of the whirlwind. It was a beautiful service. I am so proud of you guys for all you are doing and for all you've sacrificed.

Glad to hear you made it home safely! Did Jonathon make it home without another accident?

Can't wait to make it out there some day to see your new home in person.

fig said...

Dana, not only was that a great day for Steve, but for you also. I love how you participate in his work and especially in the public speaking. You may now have the title of "church comedian" which was bestowed on me at one time by my children. Really, you guys did a great job and NY will be blessed because of God's work thru you. (PS. I will put Steve's bearded picture on my refig.)

Andrew J. Booth said...

great post - thanks