Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Unfortunate Alliance

What happens when two book lovers meet with a cheap bookcase.
Will it just keep sagging, I wonder? Or will it eventually crack?
It's got all the suspense of Lost. Stay tuned.


missing bolt said...

I think the culprit is that big fat gray Psalter Hymnal.

Anonymous said...


Lloyd is having knee surgery (arthroscopic) Thursday morning and if all goes well I hope to make reservations to come out on November 16 (Thursday) through the 21st (Monday). I've also asked Flash but who can count on that guy? I'll let you know soon.

chelle said...

I'm glad to see Seinfeld ranks up there with Greek Grammar and your Wedding Video hiding in the back.

Marc said...

Hey, are you guys in view of the accident today? I know you did a post on visiting roosevelt Island recently and that's near where the crash happened.

Not that I'm ignoring the post. Those bookshelves are remarkably strong. I give it many many years.

Dana said...

You have some serious eagle eyes.

Anonymous said...

Great picture! I wonder why, whenever I go to someone's house, and I see that they are readers, I always want to see what titles are there. Like maybe you can tell more about a person from their books than their garbage??? Or maybe it's just me being nosy.