Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A glimpse of our dinner conversation this evening:

Dana: Chloe, anything interesting at school today?
Chloe: We had Bible.
Dana: Oh yeah? What story?
Chloe: The tower of Babylon and the story about Joseph. Not the Joseph that had a baby, you know, with Mary, but the other Joseph.
Steve: Oh, the Joseph with the jealous brothers?
Chloe: Yeah. And God was going to kill all the little babies in Egypt.
Dana: I think you're talking about the story when Pharoah was the one who was going to do the killing...
Jonathan: Yeah! All the Israelites were going to die because...they were Israelites! And Jonah was going to kill them! With a HUGE whale!
Chloe: (with scorn) Sheesh! Jonah was a GOOD guy. He was a prophet.

We've got some excellent PK's in the making.


tina said...

wow, that's impressive. Not just PK's, I think you have the next two Calvin Theological Seminary profs!!!

Michelle said...

I'm in tears Dana - that's hilarious!