Monday, October 16, 2006

Here's the Deal

  • I have a deal. As in, "Dana, what's your deal?" which was asked ever so lovingly and not at all accusingly by Steve earlier today.

    I have been a bit snarky the last few days; it's because all the adrenaline is gone, and I may have been a bit addicted.
    The apartment is settled and cozy.
    Chloe is tucked away safely at school and is flourishing (I think one of the little kinderboys may even have a crush. She's been getting notes and he pulled out her braids).
    Steve is officially ordained, working hard and working well.
    Jonathan is his sweet, funny self, making me laugh all day long.
    Public transportation is no longer intimidating.
    I can make my way down crowded streets with the best of them.
    My New York drivers license came in the mail, making me an official resident of the Big Apple.

    Things are good.

    Things are as settled as they've been in a long time.

    And I'm not sure what to do with my Type A self.

    I recognize the irony in the fact that I've come to bustling NYC to learn how to slow down. It's a lesson long overdue. It will be my challenge to be a gracious student.


tina said...

I think a new little Wolma would cause your type A personality to pep up a bit, don't you? (hehe).

Dana said...

T, I am fairly certain that is NOT the solution to this.

Thanks for the friendly suggestion/evil laugh, though :)

fig said...

I think thats a great idea, then I would know someone who was born in New York. I have always thought the name Dave (or even Fig) has a real ring to it.

Mom P. said...

It's unanimous, a new baby would be just the thing. And just think, I could stay out there and share your space for a loong time to help! Or maybe it would be better if you came here or just left the kids here; just a few helpful ideas. Seriously, this was bound to happen but in your life the Lord has always found a way to keep you busy and use you so I know something will come along that will challenge you.

chelle said...

remember our plan? I get pregnant, keep the baby for the first year, then toss it over to you when it hits it's first birthday.

It's a win/win.

Dana said...

rather than naming a child after you, how about I petition the marketing folks here in the Big Apple to give the city an upgrade to "The BIG FIG?"
Now that has a real ring to it.