Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm the Expert

My hit counter tells me how many people visit Grace in the City each day, where they're coming from, how long they're staying--interesting little tidbits like that. It also shows me what Google or other search engine searches have led them here. There are two searches that show up almost every day:

1. "the cost of a gallon of milk in New York City"
(Remember when I crabbed about how much it cost?)


2. "the largest college campus in the world"
(Back in the day, I compared New York to a college campus.)

Glad I can provide some "expert" information on these topics.

I suspect that the people from Argentina, Germany, and Idaho who recently visited my blog in search of answers to those questions may have been slightly disappointed. Or perhaps they were pleasantly surprised? (Excuse me while I delude myself for a moment.)

1 comment:

diane said...

how does one get a hit counter? i'd like to know! i wanna know who is lurking on my blog!

please share: diane(at)nienhuis(dot)org