Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl, Super Pics

That's some super intense football watching, folks.

And some su(o)per tasty chili.

With super creative drawings at halftime (that's James' depiction of No Doubt, just in case you had some. Doubt, that is.)


diane said...

(I promise not to hang out here for an hour).

One question: Why is everyone at your party wearing a name tag? Did they have to write the name of their team on the tag? What they want for Christmas? Their age in Roman Numerals? I don't understand.

Dana said...

Erm, no, they are actually just name tags. Nothing nearly as creative as you suggest, tho next year, we may have people wear their allegiance on a name tag...

Laurie said...

Dear Ms. New Yorker,
I feel the need to refresh your memory on some of the professional sport teams most recent championships in the city of Detroit.

Red Wings - 1996, 1997, 2001
Pistons - NBA Champions 2003
Tigers - American League Champions 2007 (let's not talk about the World Series that followed however.)
Lions - whatever.

Concerned blogger who thinks you've forgotten your "roots."

Dana said...

Point taken, Laurie.
It seems that I forgot about the Red Wings altogether.
Sorry 'bout that one, RW fans.

Steve & Cari said...

I am also a converted Giants fan due to living only miles from New York. Go Giants!

fig said...

I'm back. I too cheered for the Giants. I will cheer for anyone who can actually make it to the big game. The Lions will not make it there in my lifetime. And yet I still watch them and complain. And by the way my "Over The Hill" rec league basketball team was the 2007 champion at South Chr. How about that?