Sunday, February 10, 2008

Of Dreams and Interpretations of Dreams

It was the culmination of months of hard work--
Line memorizing
Costume crafting
Prop compiling

But it all came together in 2 sold out performances (well, almost sold out. if they had been selling tickets, that is)-- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as performed by thirty 6-14 year olds. It was something to behold, and it was an extra colorful treat to have my mom, sister, and nephews fly out to witness Chloe's stage debut.

Speaking of dreams,
I had the oddest dream last night.
Tell me what it means:

Our family was visiting Peter Frampton's (what in the world. Peter Frampton?) lake home. While we were there, I suddenly remembered that Chloe had listened to Peter Frampton's greatest hits when she was 2 and had drawn a number of artistic works that were inspired by his music. I was desperate to show them to Mr. Frampton, so I searched the house up and down and found them--in the trapdoor that was in the living room floor, of course. When I pulled the pictures up from their hideaway, I was pleased to see that I had laminated them all at some point. Then we all went tubing behind the boat. Peter drove, his hair blowing in the wind.

The end.

Dear me. I may be a little bit afraid of what that means.


Laurie said...

Was his song, "Baby I love your way" playing in the boat? ;) And btw, I don't think his hair would be blowing in the wind anymore, he looks a little bald now.

fig said...

I am no Daniel but I am sure I know the meaning of this dream. (It is my birthday today). "The inner child in you needs to be let out. Your love of art and music is beening suppressed, trapped so to speak. You have treasured these pictures and the lamination means it is long lasting or you needed to protect them from the water while you were tubing. Tubing just tells me you are sweet. And of course long hair is always GOOD." I hope this helps out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana! Peter Frampton lives just up the street from us (seriously). I'll have to drop by his house and see if he remembers your boating adventures. Now that's a dream.
:0) Jenny Davis