Friday, September 14, 2007

Did I just buy a gallon of milk or the whole cow?

I know that I've been out of touch with things lately because I've been so busy at work.
I've not been paying attention to my grocery budget; I've just been picking up things as we need them.

But yesterday I happened to look up as the gallon of milk I was buying was scanned into the cash register.


Is that normal?
How long has it been that way?
The last time I noticed, it was 3-something/gallon.
How long have I been gone, anyway?


chelle said...

Sorry to report that 5 bucks for milk is prolly normal for NYC as it is over 3-4 bucks for a gallon here in good 'ol Mich.

Braaaaaaaad said...

Just be glad you don't have 1 yr old triplets. That's a lot of milk

gina said...

I had a stroke the other day when I bought half a gallon and it cost me $2.89! Okay, it WAS at a convenience store, but still....

Anonymous said...

Stupid Ethanol!! Stupid people who think Ethanol is the answer to our problems! Thanks to them everything from dairy to corn is skyrocketing. Think about how much stuff has dairy and corn in it. I think I would rather pay more for gas. Stupid Ethanol!!!

Amy said...

Child please, come to Harlem. It'll go bad in about 2 days, but it's still in the 3$ range.
Spanish Harlem represent.

Lorraine said...

At least now you'll be prepared when we're down to 2 candidates for president and they get asked that question. And you can be all, "HA! I know that!" and feel smug.

2% is $3.49 at Trader Joe's. You know, in case we're keeping score.

Christopher said...

wow...Milk over here on the west coast is a lot cheaper. You can stil get a gallon for 1.99-2.49.