Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Just Noticed Something in the Elevator

Our apartment building has 32 floors.
But no, it doesn't.
There's no 13th floor.

It's too unlucky, I guess. And there are plenty of buildings in the city with a similar setup.

But are the people on the 14th floor fooled for even one second? Do they really think there's some phantom 13th floor below them and they're really sitting safe on the more fortunate 14th floor?

Our building was built in the early 80's, btw. This is not some throwback to more superstitious times.

1 comment:

kari jo said...

i always love this one.
the first time nathan realized it,
i confirmed that he was right (there is a 13, but it's called 14) and he looked back at me and said, "adults did this?" yep. adults decided this.
nice. love the commute photos, d.
and we have a serious catan problem.
nathan, cory & i play at least every other night. how do we stop?!!