Friday, November 16, 2007

Do Thigs

The kids have a rough time of it in the mornings.
I mean, I have absurdly high expectations.
Eat their breakfast...brush their teeth...the kind of things any kid couldn't possibly accomplish in one morning.

And most mornings, our interactions go like this:
"Jonathan, turn off the tv and eat your breakfast."
"But, Mamaaaa....!"
"Chloe, stop messing around and get dressed."
"Ok, but Jonathan's not getting dressed, either."
"Jonathan, get dressed."
"But, Mamaaaa...!"

Not exactly the warm fuzzy way to start your day.

So Chloe, my rule-abiding, list-loving, "I'll meet your expectations and raise them one" oldest child, has created some checklists for our morning routines.

Chloe's Do Thigs Chart.

Wake up at 6:30: check
Brus teeth: check
Get drest: check
Do hair: check
Pack bag: check
Jonathan's Do Things Chart
Wake uq at 5:30: check (that's a self-prescribed awakening time, by the way, and not mother-approved)
Brush teeth: apparently didn't happen today
Get drest: check

Why doesn't Jonathan have to do his hair or pack his bag? I'm not going to delve into that mystery. I'm just glad he gets drest.

Speaking of getting dressed, why is it that my dry cleaner uses bags circa: 1967?
Cuddly and soft as a, that's soft!

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Love the retro wrapper. Love the lists. The Child spelled dressed as "drest" for years. Still does, I think.

She likes to make to do lists as well. Just likes to make them, mind you. Don't really serve any other purpose.