Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nasty Nor'easter

The rain is coming down in buckets. In sheets. In a wall of water. The sidewalks are rivers and the curbs are lakes.
And I am feeling slightly guilty about having just ordered a pizza for delivery.
What am I asking that poor delivery guy to do?
I'm asking him to ride his bike through that wall of water, that's what I'm asking him to do.
Nor'easters must be a blessing and a curse for food delivery people. On the one hand, New Yorkers are not leaving their apartments unless they have to; hence, food delivery orders increase and tips increase accordingly. On the other hand, well, riding your bike through rain and wind like this must be miserable.

I'll tip him a couple extra bucks, which will appease my guilt but make the delivery guy no less uncomfortable.


Sonny said...

Don't forget . . . that delivery guy is getting paid to deliver that yummy pizza to you. He chose that occupation, and if he weren't delivering a pizza to you, it would most certainly be someone else! A nice tip is very appropriate, but the guilt isn't necessary!

Lorraine said...

What Sonny said. He's probably a starving actor, paying his dues before he gets that big break on off-off-off Broadway. I once sold crepes from a cart outside Nordstrom. In the rain. 'Cause I was into the starving artist thing. I got over it. Tips are appreciated.